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The Pyramid is one of the few premises in the world, where in one place and under one roof it is possible to find the place for itself in the few unique climates of the restaurant.

We propose you four dining rooms in the diverse climate:

Classical Room
The Classical room is referring to the best European standards. Her intimate, hushed up mood, underlined with the warm candlelight, perfectly fits small meetings. Traditional, rich in refined dishes menu is guaranteeing the best quality culinary experiences.
The classical room exists in order to give you what we are every day missing – comfort, uncontaminated with postmodernism aesthetics and above all – peace. Certainly it will appeal to the mature Customers and aesthetes, for which not only the kind, but also the quality of the overall effects are counting.

Egyptian Room
The Egyptian room is modeled to the style of ancient Egypt, however has a modern equipment and a modern destiny. Proportion of our Pyramid are convergent with the Large Pyramid in the Giza – and if it is a truth, that it helped with the concentration and the sublimation of cosmic energies, you can expect unusual impressions in the Egyptian room.

Hunting Room
In the Hunting room we reconstructed the known decor of inns and taverns beloved by the enthusiasts of the hunting. You will find trophies and images there about the hunting subject matter. Ideal place for serious, real men's meetings.
Hunters have always constituted the peculiar group of customers in the gastronomic locals. Coming back from the hunt which is a real male adventure, they are expecting a visit suiting their temperaments. It happened – or perhaps it still happens sometimes – that the hunter brought their dinner with themselves. In the fresh and strict form of course. However you can't carry your own wild game into the Hunting room. We will take care of that for you.

Jamaica Room
The Jamaica room is assuring that you will spend your time cheerfully and carefree in the interior held in warm, solar colours. Perhaps the taste of dishes and the atmosphere of the Jamaica room will take you a long way from here, above Black River edges, where sugar plantations are humming, and the jungle is wrapping hillsides of the Blue Mountains. We don't promise that you will meet some ebony-skin rastaman or you will try soup from the goat's head in the Pyramid but you can certainly count on the portion of excellent jerkchicken which the taste will be highlighted by the glass of the rum. To the last one – we aren't persuading drivers obviously. For them there will always be a coffee – almost from the Blue Mountains or the fruit cocktail.

Entering the interior of the pyramid is an unusual experience.
We would like that diversity of our rooms had an influence on imagination and stimulated the vein of the searcher and the discoverer in everyone.

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